آذین تجارت
Azin Tejarat Gostar Chehelsotoon
Producer of doors
No. 451, next to Mir Air Bridge, North Sheikh Sadough St., Isfahan

Half a century of experience

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Azin Tejarat Gostar Chehelston Company was set up and opened in 2012 with the aim of mass production of melamine doors in Isfahan province with a land area of ​​4000 square meters and 1300 meters indoor hall in Razi industrial town.

The company’s activities include the production of various types of MDF sheets for wooden doors, hard fiber boards with melamine coating, compressed wood sheets with natural coating, wooden doors, wooden door frames and various types of wooden pallets. Export, import and purchase and sale of all authorized commercial activities.

The founder of this factory, based on his experience and knowledge in the field of producing melamine doors, from the beginning, based his plans on creating a completely specialized and professional factory. So far, it has provided services by creating a unique infrastructure based on modern technology by producing products that can compete with the top melamine door manufacturers.

Managers and employees of this factory have always carefully considered the most significant success factors in this industry, which include product technology and market, and have considered customer orientation and attention to sustainable improvement in the status of products as their top priority and always continuous use. Seriously follow the technical staff and experts, which is one of the basic parameters of a successful and effective presence in the regional market.

In 2016, by obtaining the exploitation license number 1339535 from the General Directorate of Industries as the goal and equipping the machines and production halls, we achieved the annual production capacity of 450,000 sheets of melamine door cover in different types and designs.

In parallel with the development of the factory hardware, it has expanded its activities in the field of advertising and marketing, and thanks to God Almighty, now with more than 40 active representatives and sales offices across the country as one of the largest manufacturers of melamine door cover in We are a country.

Spinner is the title of the company’s products, which includes a wide and unique range of melamine door top products.

This production unit, with its modern machines and more than 50 molds in different designs and sizes, has provided a unique and artistic collection for different tastes and has made the Islamic homeland free from the need to import melamine doors.

Now, Azin Tejarat Gostar Chehelston believes that with the help of God Almighty, the management and hardworking staff of the factory with more than 50 agencies throughout our beloved country of Iran, has made the export of its products to neighboring Iraq and Azerbaijan as its priority. Rasta is staring at the horizons with his increasing efforts

((We lived with you for fifty years and remained in your hearts and memories because: we learn through research, we experiment obsessively, we build carefully and we present with love.)

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